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BCC Debate Ventures to Harvard

In February, members of the Baltimore City College  Debate Team traveled to Boston to participate in the annual Harvard Debate Tournament. To say the team performed well is an understatement, as three varsity teams broke to octo-finals, and our own Rita Sencion placed thirteenth of over two-hundred applicants in speaker awards. 

However, the Harvard tournament is not the only example of the excellence that takes place within the club. Co-Captains Noah Smith and Jonah Daniels have three Tournament of Champions (TOC) bids, taking them to the  TOC in spring of this year. The TOC is one of the most prestigious American speech and debate tournaments, and only sends the top seventy debaters in the country. 

Patrick Daniels, the leading coach of the prestigious team, highlights that we are living in a “critical time in our country, and being able to analyze and to discuss matters the way we do in debate is going to be one of the most important things that our debaters will walk away with.” Policy Debate invokes the discussion of important topics among future politicians and lawmakers, and incentivizes students to create change within their communities. 

As the season continues, co-Captain Jonah Daniels highlights that the debate team’s recent wins have “re-established our dominance as a competitive team.” 

In March, the team is headed to New York for the Lakeland tournament, where they hope to collect more TOC bids to ensure their success as the season ends. 

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