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Peru’s President ousted

Martin Vizcarra has been recently ousted because of being alleged of taking in thousands of dollars of bribes and of his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, why does this matter to the country of Peru? Peru has a large history of corrupt politicians, and understandably, the Peruvian people are tired of this (the majority of Peruvians have corruption as their “most important national issue”), so they’re actively voting for politicians who are against corruption.

What are the effects of this impeachment? Well, there have been national-wide riots against the impeachment due to Vizcarra’s popularity among Peruvians. Peruvians also recognize that congressmen are too corrupt. Congressmen have legal immunity; the majority of them have been investigated for corruption. 

Now, the first temporary president (Manuel Merino) has resigned because of the riots. The new second temporary president (Francisco Sagasti) is now the president of Peru until the next elections in April.

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