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Presidential Debate 2020

Last updated on February 11, 2021

On September 29th, we had this year’s first Presidential debate. The democratic representative is Vice President Joe Biden. The republican representative is President Donald Trump, running for his second term. 

The topics from this year’s debate include the Coronavirus, the economy, the Supreme Court, race and violence in american cities, Trump and Biden’s records, and the integrity of the election. This year’s election was very controversial between the two parties. Let’s look at some statistics from the debate. According to  Jermery Stahl from, Donald Trump interrupted either Joe Biden or Chris Wallace at least 128 times. That is a drastic change from the 51 times that he interrupted Hillary Clinton in his first presidential debate. By comparison, Biden interrupted the president about 22 times. We see that there is a very significant difference between the amount of interruptions between the two men. There were also personal attacks made to each side by the other candidate. For example Biden said to Trump, “The fact is that everything he is saying so far is simply a lie. I’m not here to call out his lies, everybody knows he’s a liar”, to which Trump replied, “Hey, Joe you’re the liar. You graduated last in your class and not first in your class.” Another example of these personal attacks is when Biden said “Will you shut up man” after being interrupted. And we also heard him call President Trump a “clown”. On the other hand, Trump brought up Beau Biden (Joe Biden’s son), who passed away from cancer and also brought up Hunter (his other son) Biden’s cocaine addiction and accused Hunter of profiting off of his father’s vice presidency. From these quotes and statistics we can conclude that this debate was quite chaotic.

Now let’s move onto the topics discussed. I think something that myself and many others were eager to hear about was how both parties were going to approach the topic of race and violence in American cities. As we know there were two major murders committed by the police earlier this year, Breonna Taylor and George Floyd. This has been such a large topic talked about throughout our country over the last few months, but also since the beginning of time. Time and time again we see these deaths of people of colored men and women at the hand of our law enforcement. Something that was brought up is the group the Proud Boys, a white supremacy group. Over his presidency Donald Trump has been asked to condemn the group and he never has, and during the debate he was asked to condemn the group again and he said “stand back, and stand by”. This phrase has now been taken by the proud boys and they took it as to wait until after the election and then to attack. They are now using this phrase “stand by” on march as a way of Trump asking them to wait for him. So you can see that President Trump still did not condemn this racist organization. Biden handled the topic quite differently. I think that it is important to look at how Biden has handled the Black Lives Matter movement. It is obvious that Biden has not let this moment go unnoticed. He has also made sure to give it the spotlight that it deserves. We see him giving the family of George Floyd the spotlight at one of his conventions. He is giving the people who are affected by police brutality a voice. Unlike President Trump, Biden is standing up for the American people who are being affected by police brutality and giving them a voice instead of speaking for them. 

I think that it is fair to say that Trump andBiden bring different things to the table. Voting is now open, and if you are eligible, it is very important to register and go place your vote. Make sure to educate yourself and vote for the party that is best for the United States.

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