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Students for a Democratic Society

There are countless issues in the United States today, whether that be reckless and unwarranted killings, the absence of aid to those in poverty, or just simply the lack of education on these social and political issues that allows them to continue to grow. Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) will be working this year to make positive changes to Baltimore City, or even the country as a whole. Their focuses are currently on climate change, healthcare, city school funding, and missing and murdered indigenous women. The club has created smaller committees for each of these topics, and these committees will be working to educate others and create a change. 

Although the club began only a few weeks ago, each committee has already begun to brainstorm how to resolve the issues they are being faced with and how to ensure that they take action to make a change. The climate change committee is currently focused on the Green New Deal and how to make sure it stays in place come election day. Right now, neither candidate for president is planning to keep this deal in place when they are elected, which could cause devastating effects on the environment. The committee wants to reach out to others, even those with differing opinions, and try to gain support for the Green New Deal. They are planning to call government officials and possibly organize petitions or protests to make sure their voices are heard.

 The City School Funding committee is going to be focused on raising money for schools in Baltimore that have a lack of funds. They are currently researching different organizations that share this goal in hopes of possibly forming a partnership or just getting ideas to create their own fundraisers. There are many schools in Baltimore City in need of financial help, and this committee hopes to aid them in receiving this, both by talking with other organizations and with government officials. 

The Healthcare Committee is dedicated to focusing on the health divide between white people and minorities in Baltimore City, and how they can help to close that divide. Many people of color in the poorer areas of Baltimore, such as Sandtown, are untrusting of the healthcare system that is meant to heal them because of past experiences they or their friends and family have had. The committee will try to help poor minorities get fair and equal healthcare and narrow this racial divide when it comes to the health of Baltimore. To do this, they are planning to reach out to government officials and possibly create petitions or protests. This committee is also researching the racial and economic divide when it comes to Coronavirus testing sites. These have been known to be found more in wealthier neighborhoods, making it very difficult for the poorer in cities to get a test and the care they may need. 

Finally, the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Committee is focusing on the countless issues Native American women are facing in the country today. They have already begun their work by creating a petition for the legislature to strengthen tribal law enforcement. They want to do this because local law enforcement neglects the issues within the tribes, and with an internal force, the citizens and their rights could be more heavily protected.

The Students for a Democratic Society will be working hard this year to create a positive change in the country. They will be using all the resources they have to contact government officials, create petitions, and attend or organize protests for their causes. Each committee will fight hard for their cause and hopefully make a change to the issues the country is faced with, whether big or small. They can’t do this alone though, so consider joining SDS to help reshape and resolve the many problems that have arisen in the United States.

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