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Too Many Formatives? Dealing with a High Workload

Meeting with teachers twice a week only allows for so much instruction time, but how much formative work is too much when trying to make up this missed class time? I think we can all agree that virtual learning has been a difficult adjustment for everyone. One of the things that I (and many others) have struggled to adapt to has been the formative workload. Formatives have now become a tool that teachers use to allow students to teach themselves, make up the class time that we are missing due to online school, and practice the skills that we are given during a short period of time. This makes for a substantial workload we are forced to complete on our own time. We all struggle to manage our time, due dates, personal time, and balance the work given from each class. Teachers must also take into account the fact that many students also have jobs — school work is challenging enough, and having a job makes balancing time even more stressful and difficult. 

From a poll conducted on my Instagram account, I found that few students have been able to find ways to manage this workload, while many others are at a loss, feeling as though the workload is too much to handle. While one teacher may choose to give multiple assignments, students also have six other classes to worry about. With multiple assignments from each class, the work begins to stack up. Due dates become closer and closer and less manageable to achieve, and students are forced to prioritize some formatives over others. Some assignments may get done while the others wait in the “overdue” section of Schoology. So in conclusion, yes, formative work is very important, but too much work leaves students stressed and staring at their computer for hours wondering how they will complete everything they need to. 

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