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Testing Chaos: IB v. AP Testing 2021

As if this school year hasn’t been stressful enough, these last few months of the year, students are now beginning to worry about IB and AP testing. For some students, AP testing is extremely helpful as it can help them to earn college credits so that they do not have to worry about taking the class once they begin college. AP has realized this and has been very accommodating to the Covid restrictions in order to ensure that students are still able to take the exam and perform well on it. Sadly though, AP tests will not be administered the same way that they were last year. After experiencing the simple, 45 minute test last year, this year’s test is definitely different. 

This year, College Board has decided to administer the full length exam but students have the option to either take the test at school or at home. This is extremely helpful for students who do not have good internet access at home, unstable housing conditions, or just can’t concentrate at home. On the other hand, taking the test at home is perfect for someone who has a good internet, a quiet place to take the test, or cannot get to school to take the exam. College Board has also given schools a two month window for the exam to be administered. 

IB has gone a completely different route when it comes to administering their exam. I myself am not a senior taking the IB exams this year so I emailed Mrs. Smart-Smith in order to get an update on the exam. Mrs. Smart-Smith described the exam process for this year as IB is telling most schools that have been virtual to take the non-exam route and for schools that have been in session to administer the exam. The non-exam route requires students to submit Internal Assessments and some External Assessments to the IB examiners for grading. Results for students who have been virtual for this school year will be based on student work and teacher assessments. 

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