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An Evaluation of the New Johnson and Johnson Vaccine

It’s been a year since Covid-19 took control of the whole world, and now Johnson and Johnson’s single-shot vaccine is starting to be distributed around the country. 

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued an Emergency Use Authorization (EAU) of the J&J vaccine on February 27th. The vaccine has been approved for adults 18 years of age and older. While Covid-19 is still sweeping the world it is critical to get vaccinated if you can to help prevent further spread of the disease. 

While many people are worried about the safety of the vaccine and are reluctant to get it, science and extensive research have proven the safety of the J&J vaccine. 

The vaccine has been tested and has been proven to help prevent the spread of Covid. The vaccine has shown that it has a 85% effectiveness in preventing serious disease and has been shown protection against Covid-19 hospitalization and death after the first 28 days of receiving the vaccine. 

Getting the vaccine not only protects you but others around you who may be at higher risk. The logistics of the J&J vaccine are different from the Moderna and Pfizer vaccine, which both use RNA by delivering the genetic code to the body, so it can fight off Covid. 

The J&J vaccine is a viral vector vaccine that instructs the human body to make the Covid protein and triggers a response to defend against it. All of the vaccines do the job and help protect you from Covid-19.  

In Baltimore City, the distribution of the J&J vaccine has been underwhelming and mayor Brandon Scott talked on this issue. He mentioned how he wants the vaccine to be directly sent to Baltimore City instead of going through the federal government because the rollout rate is much slower this way. 

The Johson and Johnson vaccines are a lot easier to distribute, yet so few minority groups have gotten the vaccine due to the low supply given to the city from the state government. Only 3.4% of black residents have gotten the vaccine in Baltimore City, which reinforces the inequality in the health care system. 

The city’s health department has only distributed 20% of the vaccines they have, which mayor Scott has pointed out as unacceptable. Because of the easier distribution of the J&J vaccine, it is targeted at underprivileged groups, yet so few minority groups have gotten it. 

The Johnson and Johnson vaccine is efficient and should be taken if you have the opportunity to get it. It is safe and has been tested thoroughly by the FDA with months of trial results. While the vaccine is easier for minority groups to get the rollout is still unfair for them. The lack of resources and plans for the J&J vaccine reiterates the fact that the healthcare program is unequal. 

Photo Credits: Reuters 

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