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City Model UN Excels at Baltimore Area Model UN Conference

A gavel raps a sound block. Twenty people raise placards each with a country name written across it. No, this isn’t the United Nations, but rather a classroom full of aspiring global diplomats: it is time to save the world.

Model United Nations at Baltimore City College

Model United Nations (MUN) at City existed in the past but fell into a period of inactivity for about three or four years before the fall of 2018: when City collegians Isaac Moss and Eric Sterns resolved to reestablish the club. Under the following purpose statement, their vision came to fruition when the club held its first meeting in February of 2019. “The Model United Nations Club of Baltimore City College will aid students in understanding international relations, shaping views of world affairs, building debate and speech skills, discovering the complexity of current events, grasping the impact of past events, and building upon leadership and collaboration skills.”

Under the exceptional leadership of its advisor Ms. Kain and avid seniors, the club has steadily grown and expanded its sights to participate in a greater number of conferences and conferences of greater size. In 2019, the club’s first year, members participated in the Baltimore Area United Nations Conference (BAMUNC). The next year, the club participated in the much bigger, multiple day Johns Hopkins University Model United Nations Conference (JHUMUNC), but wasn’t able to attend BAMUNC because of its cancellation due to Covid-19. This year, however, the club set its sights back on attending BAMUNC: except this time, it would be virtual.


Yesterday, the City delegates met in a google meet at 8, eagerly anticipating the beginning of the conference at 9. After an hour of opening ceremonies, delegates debated a variety of topics ranging from the Irish Civil War to the militarization of Mars, for 3 hours and 15 minutes. The conference concluded with closing ceremonies, in which the recipients of awards were announced. An unprecedented number of 7 collegians won awards, showing a massive improvement from the last BAMUNC the club attended in 2019, in which only 1 collegian received an award. The following collegians won awards yesterday.

Lila Frost – Best Delegate

Lorenzo Funk – Best Delegate

Ethan Reilly – Outstanding Delegate

Sam Wernsdorfer – Outstanding Delegate

Isaac Moss – Best Position Paper

Ephraim Ruttenberg – Best Position Paper

Eric Sterns – Best Position Paper

In an accurate reflection of the conference and the club members’ general sentiments, Isaac Moss said, “I think things went incredibly well.” City’s MUN club is excited to see what it has in store for itself in the future. City forever!

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