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OP-ED: Positive COVID-19 Tests at City

Numbers of positive COVID-19 tests at City could lead to virtual learning once again. In the first month and a half that school was in session City saw 12 positive cases in the student body. Yet, City’s numbers are among the lowest in the Baltimore City Public Schools district, likely due to our high vaccination rate of 60 percent. This is a large amount of cases over a small period of time which raises the significant question of: Will City go back to virtual learning?

From students to staff, many agree on remaining in person for the 2021-2022 school year. There were many difficulties experienced in virtual learning, and there was a drop in grades for students. Many students and staff strongly disliked virtual learning and would strongly push back if we returned to virtual learning.

Students and staff have evidently done everything that they can to remain in person, but is there a point where it’s too dangerous to remain in person? If a major COVID-19 outbreak occurs at City, what will we do? If there is a major outbreak and the safety of the students is threatened, then it is most sensible to return to virtual learning. This would likely be a two-week break from in person learning, until the COVID-19 cases have been sorted out.  

Another thing to keep in mind is the perspective of the students. If there is no virtual option and students don’t feel safe in regards to all of the positive cases, we would also have to do a two week stretch of virtual classes. If the number of positive COVID-19 cases continues to increase, it can call into question the safety precautions that City is taking, but as a student, I think that City is doing a good job of preventing COVID-19.

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