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Clubs at Baltimore City College

Last updated on January 23, 2022

Considering the impacts that the pandemic has had on the educational opportunities of many, it’s remarkable what City is offering in terms of students’ access and ability to lead and participate in clubs. With the variety of clubs that City offers, we wanted to take a deeper dive into One Love, Black African American Culture Club,Students of a Democratic Society, and Intercambio.

One Love, co-ran by seniors Ramona Pyke and Ivy Aquilina, aims to educate City’s students on healthy and unhealthy relationships. Their goal is to help spread the mission of The One Love Foundation; creating healthier relationships for everyone. As a club, they host fundraisers and workshops provided by the One Love Foundation that take part in educating the City community on the importance of maintaining healthy relationships and how to identify unhealthy relationships and their patterns. Most recently, the One Love club is working on developing holiday fundraisers including candy grams and bake sales. They hope to get City’s winter and spring sports teams to dedicate games to the One Love Foundation as 100% of the proceeds would go directly to them. One Love meets every other Monday at 2:45 in room 248.

Black African American Culture Club or B/AACC is a group that discusses Black history, Black joy, Black beauty and fashion, as well as mental health. I spoke with Ayishat Yussuf, the club leader and she described that the purpose of the club is to function as a: “Support group that is inclusively open for everyone to join.” She continued to remark that; “We educate one another on the Black community by discussing topics like unity, Black love, social justice and more.” One important event coming up for the B/AACC is the Safe Streets project. They’re planning to have a guest speaker come and talk to the students about how they’re able to make a difference within their community, discuss how to make Baltimore a better place, and to improve our neighborhoods with a better reputation. Black African American Culture clubs meet every Wednesday at 2:45 in room 319.

Students of a Democratic Society is actively co-run by two juniors at City College, Isabel Kim and Stella Perez. As a club they discuss political current events that members feel passionate about, as well as engaging and discussing current events going on in Baltimore. During a typical meeting members brainstorm topics by discussing current events on both local and national news levels.Their next step is to develop a project, then create posters to get the message across to the student body. Most recently, they held a material drive fundraiser in support of BARCS, the animal shelter, although each month there will be a new fundraiser held throughout the school. Starting on December 1st there will be a canned food drive that students can participate in. There are meetings held every Monday at 2:45 in room 205.

Intercambio aims to assist ESOL students (English to Speakers of Other Languages) at City to help succeed in their classes. I was able to speak to Maggie Doughty The club is used to support students with their difficult classes, work load, and stress of the language barrier. Intercambio assigns a tutor to each ESOL student to work with them on school assignments and their English skills. Members of Intercambio advocate for teachers to modify ESOL student’s work in an effort to make the transition easier. Currently, the club is applying for a grant to help supply materials for their ESOL students.

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