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Spirit Week at Baltimore City College

Last updated on January 23, 2022

With the 133rd annual homecoming game of City vs. Poly right around the corner, our proud City Knights had the opportunity to participate in Spirit Week! Beginning Monday October 25th, students had the prompt of dressing down in their favorite pajamas, bringing their school material in anything but a bag, or doing both. Students and teachers showed up in their favorite onesies, sweatpants and shirts, and hoodies. Old Bay-themed pajamas, a unicorn onesie, and wearable sweater comforters were select favorites amongst the school body. Students also showed up to school with buckets, shopping baskets, laundry baskets, suitcases, boxes, and even a flower pot! Some favorites that caused shock in the school (and amongst other Baltimore City school students within the Instagram community) were a pull-out drawer, a shopping cart, a wagon, a trash can, a cooler, a disability scooter, a wheelchair, and by far the most surprising, an entire wheelbarrow! Principal Harcum described the options that the students chose for both pajama day and anything but a bag day as “unique” and “different”. Assistant Principal Ms. Smartsmith deemed pajama and anything but a bag day as a success stating, “kids are having a great time and it’s in the spirit of spirit week!”. Students definitely understood the assignment and made a spirit day that was one for the books.

On Tuesday, participating students had the objective of choosing a decade and dressing up in the selected decade’s fashion and trends. Students and teachers arrived in fashion from the 1920s,’60s, ’70s, ’80s, ’90s, and a popular choice amongst the youth for Decades day, the ’00s. For the 1920’s theme, scholars showed up in flapper outfits, on-trend boa scarves, and wealthy gentlemen. To show their take on the ‘60s decade, students appeared in hippie fashion which was part of the massively popular counterculture that arose in the 60s. Students paid homage to the ‘70s fashion trends by arriving in bell-bottom cut jeans, loose blouses, high heel platforms, and afros. ‘80s fashion was represented with neon-colored clothing, matching Adidas sets that were popular amongst black hip-hop communities, and biker culture that hit a mainstream peak during the decade. The ‘90s was met with overalls, primary-colored outfits, and ‘90s grunge fashion. Many students took on the ‘00’s decade by dressing up in baggy clothing, basketball jerseys, durags, classic sneakers, caps, and bandaids on their faces. S’Mya Thornhill, 9th grade SGA secretary said, “I feel like people enjoyed themselves. I think it took away a lot of the stress from all the summatives since it’s the end of the quarter. It’s fun to see what everyone came up with. I would say it was a success.”. Students’ love for vintage fashions trends led to a successful decades day!

For Wednesday, students and teachers had the chance to dress up as a character from any book, show, or movie. Participants dressed up in horror costumes such as Pennywise, Ghostface, and Freddy Kruger. Teachers dabbled in the fun as well! Characters from Star Wars, The Office, and Grey’s Anatomy were all seen amongst the staff. As seen on City student’s Tik Tok, @/bbyyvenus students aimed for nostalgia by dressing up as iconic characters from our childhood. Accompanied with fun transitions, the Tik Tok included characters such as T-Bo from iCarly, Cruella DeVil, Alvin and The Chipmunks, Kim Possible, Velma, Bugs Bunny and Lola, Cosmo and Wanda, and many other characters. The comment section of this TikTok showed great love and appreciation for the Knights’ selection of costumes. The thirty-one-second video has garnered over 805.3k views and 213.5k likes on the popular platform. Character day was a day for everyone’s creativity to shine and was certainly successful!

Thursday served as an asynchronous day for students who didn’t have to attend PSAT make-ups. The marching band, cheerleaders, majorettes, and football team used this day as preparation for the Homecoming game.

To showcase City pride, the last day of spirit week was City Gear/Orange and Black day! Students and staff were asked to show up in any City apparel available, if not, then to show up in orange and black. Most students came with an assortment of City sweatpants, sweatshirts, hats, jackets, or orange and black. Showing City pride solidified the Knights’ unity at the pep rally that took place on Friday afternoon to manifest our 9th win in a row against the parrots.

Spirit Week at City this year allowed students and staff to have fun and get their minds off of final grades for the first quarter. Showing their creativity and willingness to participate in a nationwide school tradition gave Baltimore City College a memorable and successful spirit week!

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