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Everything Is on the Internet

In this day and age of technology, social media has completely taken the world by storm and become a part of our everyday lives. With that comes thoughtless and careless acts and the importance of being careful of what you say or do online.

Because of how often social media is used, the public has deemed it invaluable and indispensable. With this notion in mind, people still haven’t comprehended the negative effects of social media; everything you post online—tweets, photos or videos—will remain on the internet forever, even if you delete it. 

Your digital footprint is the data and information gathered about you from your online activity. Almost every person has one, since having social media means having a digital footprint.

Because everything you post online is permanent, future employers can potentially see your online persona by tracing your digital footprint. Your online presence could negatively affect your reputation and make bad impressions on people. Young kids are good at using technology, but do not anticipate the consequences of what they do on the internet. Kids are curious and are experiencing everything for the first time. Many teens, tweens, and in-betweens who have grown up with the internet have the urge to share every thought, action, or opinion on the internet. All people, young and old alike, need to consider the digital footprint they leave and think twice before sharing information online.

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