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Teachers Mourns Death of Baltimore City College Student

Last updated on November 29, 2022

Baltimore City College mourns the loss of a fellow Black Knight, Anthony Smith Jr., class of 2021. Anthony Alexander Smith Jr. passed away Saturday Sept. 24th ,2022, as a result of a long battle with sickle cell anemia. He was 19.

Anthony Smith Jr was born on November 17th 2002 in Baltimore, Maryland. He was born to Rasheida Hopewell and Anthony Smith Sr. He graduated from Cross Country Middle School in 2017. He went on to attend and graduate from Baltimore City College High School in 2021, where he made a lasting impression on teachers, students, and administrators.

“There was such a kindness and creativity that flowed out of him that wasn’t held back by the constraints that the rest of us often operate under. He was very quick to be attuned to a student. He did whatever he needed to do so that they knew that this was a space where they could make mistakes and learn and that would be celebrated,” said Baltimore City College teacher, Alisa Ensberg.

Engsberg is the coordinator of the Reed Math and Science Center, where Anthony volunteered to tutor students in math. She said Anthony exemplified thoughtfulness and compassion through his work as a math tutor. Anthony was not motivated by external factors. He just wanted to learn and help others do the same.

Throughout his time at Baltimore City College, Anthony contributed immensely to his classes through participation, volunteerism, and dedication.

“First period can be tough at the beginning of the day, but Anthony was such a bright, wonderful presence. He was always so positive in all of his work,” Jessie Doernberger, Anthony’s IB English teacher described.

During the pandemic, attendance in classes was at an all time low. However, Anthony logged on to Zoom from the hospital, continuing to participate in calculus despite being in a hospital bed.

“I used him as an example to other students,” Anthony’s calculus teacher, Danielle Moore, explained. “I felt like everyone could learn from his tenacity and perseverance.”

Anthony Smith Jr.’s memorial was held at the Kingdom of Jehovah’s Witnesses on Oct. 8th, 2022. He planned to become a nurse and give back to the community that supported him through his illness.

“He was quick to find ways to help everyone,” Alisa Ensberg said. “It was refreshing for all people to be around him.”

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