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Baltimore City College’s Annual Hanukkah Party

On the fourth night of Hanukkah, the JSU held their annual Hanukkah party! Organized by members of the JSU and their executive leaders Alisa Fixler, Ben Caplan, Rebecca Fishkin, Cari Caplan, and Ms. Berg, the Hanukkah party was a success. 

The party had a large turnout, with many people from all grades attending. When talking to President Alisa Fixler about the importance of the Hanukkah party, she emphasized how important it is for members of the BCC community to learn about and appreciate Jewish culture. “To have something positive like the Hanukkah party with food and games like dreidel, it opens up a new perspective and allows people to have positive i nteractions with the Jewish community.” 

There were many authentic foods, such as latkes and sufganiyot.  These two foods are really important to Hanukkah because of the symbolism of oil. In the story of Hanukkah, The Maccabees, a group of soldiers, survived miraculously because of oil. 

“There are so many Jewish stereotypes  surrounding us in everything we do. A lot of people have never had positive interactions with Jewish people and that’s why I think something like this is so important. It allows cultures to cross,” Alisa Fixler commented. 

 There were also games open to everyone who attended, like dreidel, a fun spinning top game usually played during Hanukkah. Students gathered around  tables and learned how to play the game. 

“It was particularly heartwarming to me to see everyone so appreciative of the little things. Obviously, this is stuff that I grew up doing, but to watch people learn how to do it for the first time was just a great experience,” Alisa stated. 

If you want to learn more about Judaism and its significance, make sure to attend future JSU events and meetings!

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