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Club Spotlight: The Asian Student Union

ASU’s Lunar New Year Celebration

Being a student at City College brings many opportunities for students to express themselves and build connections with their peers. The Asian Student Union, also known as the ASU,  is a club that aims to accomplish just that. Created by Isabel Kim and AJ Murray during the 2021-2022 school year, they wanted to create an environment where Asian students felt represented and welcome at City. 

“I felt like City needed an ASU because as an Asian student I felt so underrepresented at school since Asian culture isn’t taught much in our curriculum, and the student body is about 2% Asian, so having a place to feel heard and understood was very exciting for me,” Isabel Kim stated. 

The ASU has been a huge success, gaining many new members, and hosting successful events for members and non-members alike. At City, the ASU has hosted an array of events, from a boba stand at the community fair to a viewing of the movie Shang-Chi. 

 “These events were both super successful because they brought a lot of attention to our club, as well as funds,” Isabel explained. These events have brought attention and helped contribute to the overall goals of the ASU. 

“I want both non-Asian and Asian people to gain knowledge of Asian culture because Asia is such a culturally diverse continent. I also want to have a space for Asian students to feel heard and appreciated. And to just have fun exploring Asian culture,” she described.

The ASU has produced a strong community where students feel represented and can have fun. 

“I think ASU brings a more welcoming environment to City because it shows that everyone has a place in the different clubs. I think City feels more welcoming and inclusive towards Asian students now.”

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