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New Athletic Requirements for Athletes

Many athletes were concerned about the updated athletic/academic requirements announced at the sports meeting on Thursday, January 1st, 2023. Numerous athletes are anxious that they will be unable to play in the upcoming seasons due to the new attendance rule.

The new policy’s tardiness policy is one of its features. Athletes are suspended from the team if they are late to school twice in a week. This entails missing both games and practices. This rule appears to be an attempt to combat the drop in attendance this year, but it may have a significant impact on students qualifying for sports.

Clara Gilleran, a senior varsity swimmer “I think that the system that has been put in place is inequitable for students who struggle with transportation to school.” 

At Baltimore City College, many students ride the public bus. The Maryland Transportation Association, colloquially known as the MTA, is known for its lack of dependability. As many students depend on the MTA, this penalizes students who don’t own a car or have a guardian who can drive them to school. 

 Arizona Fischvogt, a member of City’s track team, says that while the academic requirements will not be a problem, “the attendance rule is going to be rough because if you don’t have one person from your relay at practice it hurts the other three runners”. 

This new rule could have a significant impact on City’s athletic record and championship chances, which many believe are the team’s primary motivators.

“If we were to start later, I think this would be more fair. You can’t expect people to be on time to school when school starts at 7:30 in the morning and people have to catch multiple buses. Lia Hopkins, a senior varsity Badminton player, stated. “I feel like there has to be some sort of other middle ground.”

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