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The Road to City Champs

Lilah Lee and Alisa Fixler of Baltimore City College’s Varsity Swim team pictured above.

City College’s Varsity swim team brought in the first-place win for the girls at City Champs on February 1st, 2023. The second year in a row for City’s Varsity girls, despite multiple challenges faced throughout the season.

Baltimore City College’s swim team has always been the team to beat, but after COVID-19, the team lost resources and interest. The biggest obstacle for City Varsity swimmers this season, and last, was finding a pool to practice at. The pool in the basement is inoperable and is not on track to be fixed for a few years. The lack of an accessible pool on campus led to limited interest, even from previous City swimmers, and many chose not to join the team for last year’s season. The 2022-2023 season faced a similar problem as the pool city swam at the previous year, Mervo, which was now also out of commission. 

This past season however had more engagement and interest than last year, with over 20 on the starting roster, whereas last year there were only 6 people on the team. This past season, students across all grades joined the team and practiced together every day either once a week at the pool at the Y down the street, or dryland outside of Doetch Hall. 

However many challenges the team faced, it bonded the swimmers and laid the way for new friendships and the strengthening of old ones. One student described “Taking the bus to and from the meets and having a blast with my teammates,” as a favorite memory of this past season. 

Others commented on the meet against Poly and learning they had won the meet against the other school. Every swimmer cheered and jumped around together on Poly’s pool deck, chatting excitedly, and soaking up the victory.

After the Poly meet, the swimmers began to gear up for the city championship and took advantage of any available practice time, whether it was dryland or in-pool practices. City Champs took place on February 1st, 2023 at Callow Hill Rec Center, and all swimmers piled onto a bus and left City around 8 am. The bus sounded with laughter, chattering, and singing as swimmers excitedly awaited the championship meet. Warm-ups began and each team took turns in the water, preparing for the next few hours of swimming. The meet began and City swimmers were called for their events and their teammates stood on the sidelines, cheering them on. When winners were announced, City Girls came in first for the city. The building echoed with cheers and excited screams from swimmers, coaches, and parents alike and the team rushed to grab their trophy and celebrate their win.

“It was so exciting to beat Poly, yet again,” a  swimmer stated. 

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