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Lunches With Lia:  Punjab Groceries & Halal Meats

Welcome to my new column, Lunches with Lia, where I will be sharing food reviews from grocery stores, my favorite local restaurants, and hidden food gems in the Baltimore area. The first place on my list is Punjab Groceries & Halal Meats which is located very close to Baltimore City College, making it very convenient for City students. Punjab has Indian food and spices, fresh produce, frozen meals, snacks, and more! 

The one thing you need to try at Punjab is their samosas. Their vegetable samosas are the perfect balance of spicy, savory and packed with flavor. To top it off, the samosas are only a dollar each.

Another thing I love about Punjab is their selection of packaged cookies, which is a must every time I go. As I peruse the aisles I see they have all kinds of flavors of cookies such as; pistachio, chocolate, butter, grape jelly filled, orange, and more. They’re the perfect quick snack between classes and after school. 

One of the most unique things I’ve found at Punjab are fox nuts, which are the seeds of a flower native to Southeast Asia. The seeds are dried and mixed with various flavor mixes. They have a distinct taste of South Asian spices with a bit of tang and have a nice crunch to them. They’re a perfect snack or ingredient to add to a meal as they have many nutrients such as calcium, sodium, and potassium. Additionally, they can also help digestion and inflammation, all the more reason to try them!

And the last thing that I love at Punjab is the Crown Kulfi ice cream sticks. The ice cream is rich and very creamy. Two of my favorite flavors are mango and chocolate, but so far every flavor I have tried has been amazing. 

Punjab is the perfect place for people wanting to try something new, or if they’re looking for the comfort of spicy samosas, flavorful snacks, and sweet drinks. Check out Punjab at 345 E. 33rd St. and look out for the next Lunches with Lia!

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