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Lunches With Lia: Ajumma

Welcome back to another Lunches With Lia. This food review is on Ajumma Cuisine located five minutes away from City, in Charles Village. Ajumma has a variety of Korean dishes and fast service, making it a perfect lunch stop.

The first thing that caught my attention on their menu was the Dumpling Soup, which has a beef-based broth along with rice cakes, mandu, and vegetable dumplings. The soup was my favorite thing on the menu as it was very rich and had the perfect amount of pepper to it. I would recommend it to anybody who likes dumplings, as they were some of the best soup dumplings I have ever had.

The next thing I tried on the menu was the bibimbap, which if you’ve never had is a rice dish usually topped with meat and vegetables such as cucumber, seaweed, carrots, and a gochujang sort of sauce. This bibimbap had the perfect amount of spice to it,  that did not leave my mouth on fire. I loved the beef as it was well-seasoned and had lots of flavors. Lastly, there were lots of vegetables which I liked, but I would have personally preferred fewer vegetables and a little bit more beef. Overall, I loved the bibimbap and would recommend it as you can get it with or without meat, making it a great meal.

The last thing I tried on the menu was the tofu bulgogi with rice. This dish was very flavorful and had their “homemade special sauce”, which tasted like a savory soy-based sauce with a hint of sweetness to it. The tofu was cooked very well as it was slightly browned on the sides providing a satisfying crunch when bit into, while still having a soft inside. Like the bibimbap, the bulgogi had a lot of vegetables in it. 

Ajumma Cuisine is the perfect restaurant for anyone who likes authentic Korean food or is interested in trying something new. Check out Ajumma at 3121 Saint Paul St. and look out for the next Lunches with Lia!

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