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The Track Season at Baltimore City College

Halfway through City’s winter sports season, it’s clear the athletes are putting in the work. Specifically, the varsity wrestling team and the girl’s varsity basketball team have beaten numerous schools, gaining respect and a reputation across the city. 

Baltimore City College’s varsity track team has been experiencing a successful season as well. The sport, which began in October and ends in February, is both mentally and physically challenging. 

The intense practices continue to mold City’s students into skilled competitors.Track team veteran Rocksann Smith (‘24) stated “most people on our team who’ve been serious about their craft have been consistently getting a PR in their races”. 

Additionally, the sport’s physical and emotional demands create a close knit, family-like, community. Rocksann stated that during practices “we’re happy to see each other and track has brought us to some of our closest friendships”. 

However, there are many obstacles facing the track team. Due to the frigid temperatures the past few weeks, the team has been forced to practice in the hallways, which has been hard to adapt to. 

Arizona says “there’s just not very much room for all the different event runners to practice and we get a lot of injuries running on that type of floor”. A lack of a safe practice environment is a massive hindrance to the team’s success.

City’s track team is currently facing multiple deterrents, yet they are persevering and are working hard to achieve their goal of competing in the championships.

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