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BCC Debate Spotlight

In October, the Baltimore City College Debate Team traveled to compete in the New York Invitational Debate tournament. The team finished the weekend as champions for the second year in a row, winning 14 out of 15 ballots! Senior Rita Sencion and Saidah Ervin placed 1st, placed 3rd, respectively, out of over 100 competitors in the overall speaker awards. 

Their excellent performance at the New York Invitational granted them their second bid, securing them a spot at the Tournament of Champions this spring. The Tournament of Champions is one of the most prestigious High School Speech and Debate competitions in America, only accepting debaters who have managed to obtain at least two bids.  

Rita Sencion and Saidah Ervin, co-Captains of City’s Debate team, highlight how “traveling to different tournaments has allowed [us] to make important connections with other minorities and Black people also doing Debate.” Demonstrating the community she and Saidah have found within debate, even with people from across the country. 

As co-captains, Rita and Saidah prioritize teaching patience to newcomers; “before we teach anything to the novices, we teach them patience. To think even if I am losing, it is not because I’m bad, but because I’m growing and learning.” They hope to teach younger debaters one of the salient qualities they have learned from debate. Strong leadership and teaching skills ensure the continuance of excellence in Baltimore City College Debate.

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