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Color Associations

By Ethna Meisner and Cassidy Sinanan

Every year when school starts, City Collegians must order or buy their school supplies. Usually, the most used supply in school is notebooks, and there is always a wide array of colors of notebooks that students can select. 

We decided to interview our fellow peers to figure out the most popular notebook colors that were selected for this upcoming year. We talked to JV and Varsity sports teams to determine the colors for their notebooks.

Our qualitative data showed that the JV teams were much more passionate and enthusiastic about the subject. As for our quantitative data, we see that there is a spike in the number of responses for one color in each subject; Red was most associated with English, Green was most associated with Science, Yellow was most associated with History, and Blue was most associated with Math.

Our qualitative data showed that the Varsity teams were slightly less passionate about the subject than the JV team but still overall enthusiastic. Contrary to our JV results, the Varsity results are much more balanced and spread out among many colors. Math and Science were the only subjects with decisive associations. 

To sum up the data and create the ultimate association list, we looked at the popular associations. We deduced that for the whole school, the main color associations were: Red with English, Yellow with History, Green with Science, and Blue with Math. Even though some opinions differ, a pattern shines through. 

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