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Winter Blues

It’s that time of year again when the leaves begin to fall and the days become shorter. Most people stay home until summer comes back around, but fall and winter don’t have to be the seasons of sadness. Instead, this year, try to redefine the meaning and bring a new, positive outlook to this season.

Students at Baltimore City College spoke up about a topic that is commonly overlooked and not discussed enough; seasonal depression. “I do get some seasonal depression…because when I get home, the sun is down,” says Bria Morris, a sophomore at Baltimore City College. “And also, it just doesn’t motivate me to do my work. When it is sunny and bright I feel more motivated,” Morris adds. 

“There’s one week of fall I love, but you can only romanticize it for so long,” says Annabel Fogleman, a sophomore at Baltimore City College. Fogleman explains how the winter/fall season affects her positively but also negatively. “Fall makes me happy for the most part because I like to romanticize it…and make tea…and layer my outfits…but on the other hand it makes me sad when it starts getting dark really quickly”, says Fogleman. Annabel also points out that, “there is a sweet spot in fall where the temperature is perfect until it’s freezing and horrible.” 

“Taking time to do things that I love…like reading, also watching T.V., or listening to music” helps Jaida Dorsey. Dorsey adds “Even if it’s just simple, like taking a walk,” can also help boost her mood and make her feel better.

There are many ways to aid these gloomy feelings that fall and winter bring. Here are some fun ideas to embrace the season individually or with friends:

1. Set aside 30-45 mins during the evening that is dedicated to alone time where one can relax

2. Invite friends or family over and make hot chocolate

3. Go apple picking or to a pumpkin farm

4. Visit a local market, coffee shop, or cafe and try new seasonal beverages or food options

5. Organize the day ahead by writing down a to-do list of all of the things that need to be done

6. Watch Holiday movies with friends and family

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