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Women’s Soccer Team Spotlight

By Alexandra Doyle and Caroline Caplan

According to sophomore defensive wing Charlie Martin, the Baltimore City College Women’s Soccer Team “is the coolest group of people ever.” The team grinded through ups and downs, and ended their season with four wins and eight losses. 

Even though this season was not their best, it served as a powerful learning experience and provided motivation for them to strive towards a better season next year. It is “the closest team i’ve ever been on,” which has made the season so rewarding for Charlie and the team. 

“This team is a sisterhood, and we create new and unique friendships so quickly,” says Charlie. This sisterhood is built on daily practices, and upperclassmen serve as role models for underclassmen. “We get close so fast because you spend every day with them,” whether it’s one of your best or worst days. 

But team bonding stretches past the playing field. The team hosts an annual sleepover which brings together different ages which helps them connect and create a more cohesive team. At practices, the more experienced players help guide the newer players through drills and gameplay. Throughout the season players become more dedicated and skilled due to the support from their teammates and coaches. 

“I wanted to be better for my teammates and be a reliable player for them to lean on” says Charlie. Going into her junior season Charlie aims to be a stronger player and a stronger leader. As the team reflects on their past season, they hope to continue to improve their skills and develop their chemistry even more to be the best team that they can be. 

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